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Ever wondered how many slices there are in a large pizza or how many calories there are in your homemade pizza? The Pizza Calculator shows the number of slices and the calories per slice for supermarket pizza, homemade pizza and takeaway pizzas. the pizza calculator is designed to be intuitive but, if you do need help with the pizza calculator, there are detailed guides and supporting information available below the calculator. Please note that the pizza calculator assumes that the pizza will be cut into equal slices of same size and shape.

Shop Bought Pizza Calories per Slice Calculator
Takeaway Pizza Calories per Slice Calculator
Total calories in the pizza
Calories per slice of pizza
Homemade Pizza Calories per Slice Calculator
Homemade Pizza Ingredients Table
IngredientGramsCalories per 100g
Olive oil884

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Pizza Calculator. This image shows our pizza delivery robot handing over a delicious large pizza which has been cut into slices after calculating the slices per pizza based on calorie count using the pizza slice forumal and the pizza calculator.

How to calculate the calories in a slice of pizza?

Calorie per slice of pizza = tc / s


  • tc = total calories in the pizza
  • s = number of slices that the pizza is cut into

How to use the Pizza Calculator

The pizza calculator is a good calculator for working out how many slices to cut a pizza into as part of a calorie-controlled diet. Pizza is typically high in calories as it is packed with delicious, rich toppings. The fact that pizzas taste so great often means it is easy to eat a higher portion size (from a calorie perspective) than you would do of other food types. The pizza calculator is designed to allow you to manage those portions to suit your calorific needs by identifying the calorie per slice.

The pizza calculator works in 3 unique ways:

  1. Pre-made Pizza Calculator for pre-made pizzas (typically used for supermarket pizza)
  2. Takeaway pizza which calculate the calories per slice of pizza based on pizzas purchased from Domino's pizza
  3. Homemade pizza calculator for pizzas that you make yourself

Lets take a look at each of these three features and explore how to calculate the calorie per slice of pizza using each method:

Pre-made Pizza Calculator for shop bought pizza

Everyone has their own favourite brand of pizza and there are so many different types of pizza available from supermarkets that it can be tricky to keep on top of the appropriate portion size. Luckily, iCalculators Pizza calculator can make calculations pizza portion size a little easier for you, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select "Simple Pizza Calculator"
  2. Grab your pizza from the fridge or freezer and find the total calories of the pizza
  3. select "Pre-made Pizza Calculator"
  4. Enter the number of slices you would like to cut the pizza into
  5. Enter the Total Calories in the pizza (as you found in step 2)

The pizza calculator will automatically calculate the total calories per slice of pizza for your pre-made pizza.

Takeaway Pizza Calculator

We decided to use Domino's pizza for the standard dropdown calculation of calories per slice of pizza calculation as Domino's is a worldwide brand and popular pizza company, the chances are that there is a Domino's near you and you have most likely eaten there. Domino's are also very transparent about the calorific values within the foods they sell. This, combined with the fact we believe Domino's provide the best takeaway pizzas, meant that it was a logical choice for predefined pizza calculations.

  1. Select "Takeaway Pizza Calculator"
  2. Enter the number of slices the pizza is cut into (or your own number of slices if you will cut the pizza yourself)
  3. Select the type of pizza you have ordered

The pizza calculator will automatically calculate the total calories per slice of pizza for your Domino's pizza.

Please note that for the calculation of calories per pizza for Dominos pizza we have used a classic crust and factored the 3 portion size calorie count1 into an 8 slice pizza1. We have provided a formula for this calculation, the pizza formula is displayed above the table "Domino's pizzas - Calories per Pizza".

  1. Domino's Nutritional information - Downloaded for reference on 07/11/2019.
  2. To quote Domino's Corporate: "At Domino's, the answer to how many slices are in a large pizza depends on the type of crust you choose. Here's how to know how many slices are in a large pizza: How many slices in a large pizza with Hand-Tossed Crust: 8 slices." So, the amount of slices may vary but for their calculation of calories per portion (3 slices of Domino's pizza from a large pizza) is one portion.

Calories in Domino's Pizzas

The following table contains a list of Domino's Pizza as published by Domino's Corporate HQ. The table details the Pizza size and type with the total calories per pizza based on a Classic Crust Pizza. The calories per pizza are based on the calorie count documented in reference one above where "Per Portion" sizes are defined for a small pizza and for 3 slices of a large Domino's pizza. In order to calculate the calorie count of a large Domino's pizza, we have used the following formula:

Calories in Large Domino Pizza = (calories per 3 slice / 3) x 8
Domino's Pizza - Calories per Pizza
Pizza size and typeCalories per pizzaPizza size and typeCalories per pizza
Domino's Small Americano1088Domino's Large Americano1856
Domino's Small American Hot1016Domino's Large American Hot1560
Domino's Small Bacon Double Cheese1019Domino's Large Bacon Double Cheese1613
Domino's Small Buffalo Chicken895Domino's Large Buffalo Chicken1424
Domino's Small Catalan Chicken and Chorizo1004Domino's Large Catalan Chicken and Chorizo1651
Domino's Small Chicken Feast926Domino's Large Chicken Feast1475
Domino's Small Deluxe1005Domino's Large Deluxe1549
Domino's Small Farmhouse865Domino's Large Farmhouse1362
Domino's Small Fiery Vegi Sizzler 808Domino's Large Fiery Vegi Sizzler 1283
Domino's Small Four Vegi838Domino's Large Four Vegi1325
Domino's Small Full House1014Domino's Large Full House1576
Domino's Small Ham & Pineapple864Domino's Large Ham & Pineapple1360
Domino's Small Hawaiian 871Domino's Large Hawaiian 1371
Domino's Small Hot & Spicy863Domino's Large Hot & Spicy1373
Domino's Small House Special Tandoori Chicken1155Domino's Large House Special Tandoori Chicken1795
Domino's Small Meateor 1177Domino's Large Meateor 1973
Domino's Small Meatilicious 1055Domino's Large Meatilicious 1619
Domino's Small Meat Lovers 1106Domino's Large Meat Lovers 1691
Domino's Small Meatzza Pizza1080Domino's Large Meatzza Pizza1659
Domino's Small Mexican Hot1029Domino's Large Mexican Hot1616
Domino's Small Mighty Meaty1095Domino's Large Mighty Meaty1688
Domino's Small Mixed Grill1040Domino's Large Mixed Grill1592
Domino's Small New Yorker1052Domino's Large New Yorker1605
Domino's Small New York Hotdog1277Domino's Large New York Hotdog1741
Domino's Small Original Cheese and Tomato 877Domino's Large Original Cheese and Tomato 1410
Domino's Small Pepperoni Passion1170Domino's Large Pepperoni Passion1784
Domino's Small Ranch BBQ1118Domino's Large Ranch BBQ1928
Domino's Small Scrummy1196Domino's Large Scrummy1832
Domino's Small Tandoori Hot860Domino's Large Tandoori Hot1368
Domino's Small Tandoori Sizzler855Domino's Large Tandoori Sizzler1360
Domino's Small Texas BBQ947Domino's Large Texas BBQ1669
Domino's Small The Cheeseburger994Domino's Large The Cheeseburger1581
Domino's Small The Meatfielder 1177Domino's Large The Meatfielder1805
Domino's Small The Sizzler 1239Domino's Large The Sizzler 1640
Domino's Small Tuna Supreme887Domino's Large Tuna Supreme1419
Domino's Small Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger1113Domino's Large Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger1741
Domino's Small Veg-a-Roma1061Domino's Large Veg-a-Roma1392
Domino's Small Vegi Classic815Domino's Large Vegi Classic1296
Domino's Small Vegi Sizzler811Domino's Large Vegi Sizzler1288
Domino's Small Vegi Supreme833Domino's Large Vegi Supreme1325
Domino's Small Vegi Volcano991Domino's Large Vegi Volcano1504

Note: Domino's pizzas are handmade and therefore there will be variance in the calorie counts shown. The calorie per pizza are based on Domino's pizzas average published calories as defined at reference 1 above.

Homemade Pizza Calculator

  1. Select "Homemade Pizza Calculator"
  2. Enter the number of slices you would like to cut the pizza into
  3. Enter the weight in grams of the ingredients you will use. We have added placeholders for flour, water, salt, cheese, tomato, oregano and olive oil.
  4. [Optional] click on "+ Add more ingredients to the Pizza Ingredients Table"
    1. Enter the name of your ingredient, for example fresh chillies
    2. enter the number of calories per 100g for your ingredient (if you dont know, just search on Google for "number of calories per 100g for fresh chillies" or ask Alexa)
    3. Click Add
    4. You custom ingredient will now appear on the Pizza Ingredients Table, simply enter the weight of the ingredients used (in grams)

The pizza calculator will automatically calculate the total calories per slice of pizza for your homemade pizza and update each time you add a new ingredient.


Pizza is a delicious food enjoyed by millions around the world, it can however be quite high in calories so it is important to ensure your calculate the portion size appropriately, particularly if you are watching your BMI or on a calorie controlled diet. Working out the correct portion size can be tricky to do manually, particularly when making homemade pizza but by using the pizza calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate the calories per slice of pizza, however the pizza was made.

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