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Calorie burning through cycling is a fascinating discipline that bridges the gap between sports science and nutrition. This tutorial will introduce the concept of how we burn calories through the physical activity of cycling, the calculations and formulas associated with it, and its relevance to fields like health, fitness, and sports performance. By the end, you'll understand not just how to calculate the calories burned by cycling, but why this information can be so valuable.

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Calorie Burning through Cycling - Fascinating Facts

Did you know that cycling at a moderate speed of 12 to 13.9 miles per hour can burn around 476-599 calories in an hour for a person weighing 160 lbs? The number of calories burned while cycling can vary depending on factors such as your body weight, the intensity of the ride, and your personal metabolism rate. These figures emphasize the importance of cycling as a part of a balanced exercise regime and why understanding how to calculate calories burned can contribute to improved health and fitness outcomes.

The Formula for Calculating Calories Burned by Cycling

The formula for calculating calories burned by cycling is given by:

Calories Burned = Duration (in minutes) × MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) value for cycling × 3.5 × Weight (in kg) / 200

The MET value is a measure of the energy cost of physical activity for a period of time. For cycling, the MET value varies based on the intensity of the ride.

Relevance in Other Fields

This formula and understanding of calorie expenditure through cycling is not only important for individuals looking to manage their weight or improve fitness levels. It's also vital within professional sports coaching, dietetics, and health research. Accurate measurement of calorie expenditure allows coaches to tailor training plans, dieticians to devise effective meal plans, and researchers to better understand energy expenditure and its link to health outcomes.

Real-Life Application

Imagine you are a 70 kg individual who cycles for 45 minutes at a moderate intensity (MET value 8.0). Using the formula, the calories burned can be calculated as follows:

Calories Burned = 45 × 8.0 × 3.5 × 70 / 200 = 441 calories.

This data could be used by a dietician to adjust your diet plan, by a personal trainer to optimize your exercise regimen, or by yourself to monitor your calorie expenditure.

Pioneers and Achievements in the Field

Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the 'father of aerobics,' significantly contributed to our understanding of aerobic exercise and its effect on calorie burning. His research has shaped physical fitness practices and guidelines globally, promoting activities like cycling for their immense health benefits and calorie-burning potential.

In the cycling world, athletes like Lance Armstrong and Eddy Merckx exemplify how understanding and optimizing calorie expenditure can lead to exceptional performance. Their ability to effectively manage their energy expenditure has contributed to their immense success in competitive cycling.

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