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The body fat calculator is a good calculator for measuring the amount of body fat you have based on simple measurements that you can do in you home, on your own in less than 60 seconds. Knowing your body fat percentage is particularly useful when tracking personal progress with new exercise, healthy eating and lifestyle changes whether you are on a drive to lose weight, tone up or simply keep an eye on your general health.

Body Fat Calculator
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Body Fat Calculation
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How to calculate your Body Fat

  1. Select your gender
  2. Enter your height into the body fat calculator
  3. Enter your waist size into the body fat calculator
  4. Enter your neck size into the body fat calculator
  5. The body fat calculator will calculate your Body Fat

What is Body Fat?

Body Fat is the amount, in percentage units, of a person or living being based on the total amount of fat divided by total amount of body mass. There are 2 types of body fats, essential body fat and storage body fat. Essential body fat is relatively self-explanatory, it's the amount of body fat that's essential too to body in order to maintain all bodily functions. Storage Fat is the fat that exceeds the essential amount needed. Storage fat is found around internal organs and beneath the skin, acting as an insulator therefore conserving body heat as well as protecting the body.

Limitations of Body Fat calculations

Due to body fat being calculated by dividing the total mass of fat by total body mass this allows variations throughout results. For example, if you ate 5kg of food and then calculated your Body Fat percentage, due to the overall body mass increasing but the body fat staying the same it would decrease the overall body fat percentage. The way to counter this would be to strictly record your body fat percentage at certain times, before eating or drinking in the morning for example.

What is body fat used for?

Body fat percentage is a tool used to determine the level of fitness and how healthy a person is. A "healthy body fat percentage" can vary for people as it is influenced by multiple factors such as ethnicities and age. The tool remains useful though, particularly is you are changing to a healthy diet or starting a new exercise regime, attending the gym or starting personal fitness lessons as the body fat calculator can be used to track your managed weight loss as you adopt a more healthy lifestyle. It's a simple measure moment that helps you track success, simply enter your age and/or ethnicity online to find the percentage.


As we have discussed, the Body Fat measurment is not a 100% scientific measure of your body fat though it does provide good directional information which can be used to support a healthy lifestyle of fitness program and benchmark progress. Calculating your body fat levels manually can be time consuming and, a little boring in fairness so having a tool that is designed specifically to help you calculate your body fat content is invaluable. We hope you find the body fat calculator useful and also find our other health and sports calculators practical, informative and, more importantly, a useful tool to support your healthy lifestyle

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Please note that the Body Fat Calculator is provided for your personal use and designed to provide information and information relating to the calculations only. The Body Fat Calculator should not be used for you to self-diagnose conditions, self-medicate or alter any existing medication that you are currently prescribed by your Doctor. If the Body Fat Calculator produces a calculation which causes you concern, please consult your Doctor for support, advice and further information.