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The Aortic Valve Area (AVA) is a vital concept in cardiology, shedding light on the functioning of the heart's aortic valve. This tutorial provides an insight into AVA, its calculations and formulas, interesting facts, and its applications in the healthcare sector.

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An interesting fact is that the aortic valve is one of the four primary valves in the heart, and it controls the flow of oxygenated blood from the left ventricle to the aorta. The size of the AVA plays a crucial role in determining if there are any abnormalities in the heart, such as aortic stenosis.

The formula used to calculate the Aortic Valve Area using the continuity equation is:

Aortic Valve Area (AVA) = Stroke volume / (Velocity time integral in the LVOT × Cross-sectional area of the LVOT)


Stroke volume is the amount of blood pumped out of the left ventricle with each heartbeat,

Velocity time integral in the LVOT is the average speed of blood moving through the left ventricular outflow tract,

Cross-sectional area of the LVOT is the area of the left ventricular outflow tract.

The calculation of the AVA is significant not just in cardiology, but also in anesthesiology and interventional radiology where careful assessment of heart valves is essential.

A real-life application of this formula can be seen in a hospital where a patient's aortic valve area needs to be calculated. For example, if a patient has a stroke volume of 70 mL, a velocity time integral in the LVOT of 25 cm, and a cross-sectional area of the LVOT of 2 cm2, the AVA can be calculated as:

Aortic Valve Area (AVA) = 70 / (25 × 2) = 1.4 cm2

Many medical professionals have made significant contributions in this field. Among them, Dr. Eugene Braunwald, a renowned cardiologist, has made a considerable impact on the understanding and treatment of heart diseases, including aortic valve diseases. He has received multiple awards for his work, including the prestigious Lasker Award for Clinical Medical Research.

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